Circuit Card Assembly

Our state-of-the-art surface-mount technology (SMT), circuit card assembly (CCA), line is extremely versatile, capable of delivering quality products in varying sizes and quantities to meet complex assembly needs.

SRCTec implements Six Sigma principals and methodology to help eliminate defects, and our enhanced scheduling flexibility and market leading technology help ensure on-time delivery of high quality products.

In addition, our automated and manual circuit card rework and repair capability supports all aspects of our manufacturing and depot requirements.

While our focus is on complex, high density RF printed circuit boards, our surface mount capabilities also include:

  • 0201 components, fine pitch and high count BGAs
  • Large PCBA 1000mm X 457mm (39” X 18”)
  • Inspection and testing using state-of-the-art SPI, AOI, and X-Ray equipment
  • Closed-loop Automatic SMT Rework stations
  • Comprehensive electrical testing and test system development for boundary scan, functional test and burn in test (BIT)
  • Material and fault analysis equipment including cross-sectioning equipment to quickly identify the root cause of complex internal component issues
  • Non-contact solder removal
  • Semi-automated component placement and removal
  • Split-vision optical alignment for quad-flat no-leads packages (QFNs) and ball grid arrays (BGAs)
  • Custom interface development for any type of surface mount technology (SMT) device
  • Automated conformal coat
  • X-ray inspection

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