EMS Services

SRCTec’s turnkey electronics manufacturing services (EMS), circuit card assembly (CCA), build-to-print and custom manufacturing services include test, design, environmental qualification, and a host of specialized requirements for the design and production of products.

Our unique services include state of the art circuit card assembly for complex designs, a wide array of RF test and measurement capabilities utilizing anechoic chambers and RF screen rooms. Custom manufacturing and test processes, along with our environmental stress screening capabilities, support the production of critical products where reliability is of principle importance.

With our life cycle management services, SRCTec can provide an integrated approach to the production, deployment, and life cycle sustainment of products. We deliver unmatched continuity from early involvement in the conceptual product development through manufacturing, testing, fielding, use and retirement.

Circuit Card Assembly

Surface-mount technology (SMT) circuit card assembly, X-Ray inspection, automated optical inspection, conformal coat and rework capabilities support all aspects of our manufacturing and depot requirements.

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Build To Print

We work with our customers’ designs to deliver a final product that continually meets or exceeds expectations.

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Assembly, Integration & Test

We specialize in custom manufacturing of high-quality, high-reliability subsystem and system-level assemblies.

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Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing

Our electro-mechanical manufacturing capability is built on the latest technologies and many of the industry’s best practices.

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Environmental Stress Screening

From functional test to environmental test and burn-in, our processes ensure the final product can withstand some of the harshest environments.

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Life Cycle Management

We design and implement support solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and end-users.

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